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Safeguarding Your Property Assets

If an individual passes away in Dubai, their assets are generally dealt with according to Sharia’a law. The general rule is that their assets will first be passed on to the male heirs in a particular order followed by the female heirs (again in a particular order). For non-Muslims in particular, financial and emotional distress for families as well as disputes and even legal cases regarding succession issues and rights to ownership are not uncommon. Things can become especially complicated when there is no Will in place at the time of death; in which case the Dubai Court decides how the assets are to be distributed.

We can help you navigate through this process in the following ways…

  • Provide a detailed review of your particular circumstances, discuss the options available to you and draft a comprehensive and realistic plan of action
  • Provide advice on the rules governing succession or inheritance rights under the Islamic Sharia Law, Inheritance Law, Wills and/or any other Laws, Rules of Law, Codes, Public Orders, customs or practices applicable in Dubai
  • Make initial enquiries, apply for and open the succession case at the Dubai Courts
  • Advice on the required documentation; including assistance with the attestations and translations of Power of Attorneys, birth certificates, marriage certificates, death certificates, a grant of probates, wills, testaments, etc.
  • Submit all required documentation and correspondence as part of your case
  • Full Power of Attorney representation at the legal and/or judicial proceedings, hearings, pleadings, court cases, judgments, inquiries, contests, indictments, appeals, trials and/or tribunals with regards to your property interests
  • Complete all paperwork and represent your interests with the Developer/Dubai Land Department/Dubai Courts
  • Regular follow-ups and updates on the status of your case until the final decision is made/court order received
  • Execute, enforce and/or carry out any decisions, judgments, court orders or rulings made by the Dubai Courts

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Your POA will handle all of the complicated and often misunderstood inheritance matters in Dubai to remove the legal uncertainty and ambiguity found in the old UAE laws and Sharia law principles.

Your Power of Attorney Dubai staff are legally qualified and highly experienced in the Dubai real estate market. We can represent you as Power of Attorney wherever you are based – worldwide!

DIFC Wills Service Centre
(formerly DIFC Wills and Probate Registry)

In May 2015, the Dubai International Financial Centre introduced their much anticipated Wills and Probate Registry. It was a groundbreaking move in that it creates a new set of rules and regulations for non-Muslims Dubai. Non-Muslims can now register a Will under the internationally recognized principles of Common Law rather than following UAE Sharia’a law. A non-Muslim is now able to legally decide how he/she wants his/her assets to be distributed if they pass away – complete testimony freedom as they see fit. The only requirements are that registers have to be non-Muslim, over 21 years of age and in possession of assets in Dubai. Significantly, the service is also available to non-residents, which has been warmly welcomed by many of our clients at Your POA.

The registry operates within DIFC Courts and is therefore enforceable in Dubai without the need for an application through the Dubai Courts. The DIFC Wills Service Centre has created a precedent for future inheritance cases—one comprised of more clarity and legal certainty surrounding inheritance matters in Dubai.

What our Client Says

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Your Power of Attorney Dubai staff are legally qualified and highly experienced in the Dubai real estate market. We can represent you as Power of Attorney wherever you are based – worldwide!