Title Deed Registrations

The Title Deed is the most important document of all when it comes to your Dubai property. It is your sole and conclusive proof of legal ownership and is required if you wish to rent or sell your property in Dubai. Registering with the Dubai Land Department and obtaining your Title Deed is therefore a must. At Your POA, we can take care of all of this for you. We will ensure that your property interests are registered with the authorities as well as guaranteeing that your assets are suitably protected.

Our title deed registration services

What we can do for you:

  • Complete your pre-registration with the Developer/Dubai Land Department
  • Raise manager’s cheques and arrange payments of any registration fees with the Developer/Dubai Land Department
  • Complete all paperwork with the Developer – including facilitating payment of any service charges and applying for the No Objection Certificate (NOC)
  • Complete all paperwork with any banks/mortgage providers
  • Submit your Title Deed registration with the Developer/Dubai Land Department
  • Follow up and collect your Title Deed from the Developer/Dubai Land Department
  • Courier of your Title Deed to your home address

We receive a lot of enquiries from owners with regards to Title Deeds. Many do not understand the difference between an Oqood Certificate and Title Deed, others need clarification on the processes and fees involved. If you have found yourself asking similar questions, please get in touch and we can explain everything in simple and clear terms, no strings attached!

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    What our title deed registration Clients Say


    Clients Represented

    The Title Deed provides conclusive proof of ownership and ensures that you are the legally registered owner of the property. It is the single most important document in any property related transaction in Dubai.

    Offplan / Oqood Registration

    The ‘Oqood’ (Arabic for ‘contract’) system was introduced as a response to the increasing volume of offplan property transactions in Dubai. It has been developed exclusively for developers to register their properties and manage projects and sales contracts. It is also an important means to centralize, manage, monitor and regulate offplan transactions, contract registrations and transaction fees in accordance with the Dubai Land Department regulations.

    Much the same as a Title Deed on a completed project, the Oqood Certificate is equally as important for the registration of an offplan property. It is the pre-registration of ownership of the property in your name and registers your interest at the Dubai Land Department. Once the project is completed, the Oqood stage moves into the Title Deed stage.

    Regardless of whether the property is completed or not, owners should always ensure that they have a Title Deed Registration or Oqood Certificate to show that they have paid the requisite registration fees and to prove that they are the legal owners of the property. This will prevent any potential disputes or alternative claims to ownership thus protecting your proprietary interests with both the developer and Dubai Land Department.

    Getting your Title Deed Registrations is a must in Dubai. Make sure you hire a trusted partner!

    Registration Fees

    The current registration fees in Dubai are 4% of the property purchase price (plus some additional administrative fees for the Oqood/Title Deed issuance and online registration processes).  This fee was increased from 2% in late 2013 and is a requirement for all property purchasers in Dubai.  Simply, payment of registration fees must be done in order to register the property in your name and receive the Oqood Certificate and/or Title Deed on the property.  Payment is to be made by manager’s cheque (similar to a banker’s draft) to ‘Dubai Land Department’.

    As many Dubai property owners are either non-residents or are based overseas, preparing manager’s cheques and submitting the required paperwork to the Dubai Land Department is often very difficult.  At Your POA, we can take care of all of this for you as part of our unique Title Deed Registration service.

    For the reasons outlined above, we strongly advice all of our clients to pay their registration fees as until this is done and the unit registered in your name, you are not considered the legal owner of the property.  Coupled with this are strong rumours of penalties and increased fees of up to 8% for those who do not pay their fees in a timely manner.  Ultimately, the registration process protects your rights under the law so is worth moving on this as soon as practicably possible.

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