Property Conveyancing

Property conveyancing is the process of transferring legal ownership of title from a one person or entity to another. In most countries, a conveyancer or solicitor conducts this process however in Dubai this is not always the case and it is often either left to inexperienced, unqualified or overworked administrative staff or real estate agents, who are more focused on their next sale than completing the transfer properly.

The benefits of using a conveyancer are however becoming more evident in Dubai as property transactions increase in volume and capacity. Using a conveyancer is certainly the best means of handling all of the complicated and time-comsuming legal aspects of a property transfer. It is vital to ensure that all parties are protected under the law.

Our property conveyancing services

What we can do for you:

  • Review the property transaction and formulate a detailed plan of action
  • Complete all paperwork with the broker/buyer/seller – including negotiating, drafting and reviewing MOUs and Sale Agreements
  • Complete all paperwork with the Developer – including facilitating payment of any service charges and applying for the No Objection Certificate (NOC)
  • Complete all paperwork with any banks/mortgage providers – including requesting/settling liabilities, signing/collecting papers at the bank/mortgage providers
  • Create financial settlement statements, file preparation and pre-transfer checks
  • Complete all paperwork with the Dubai Land Department – including representation at the final transfer of the property to ensure the safe transfer of Title
  • Complete all paperwork with the utility companies (DEWA/Empower/Emicool/Palm Utilities) – including registrations, requesting final bills and security deposits
  • Handling the safe transfer of the final sale funds and new Title Deeds
  • Answer any questions you may, provide support and guidance on the required documentation/procedures and generally represent your interests to ensure a smooth and prompt transfer of Title ownership

Perhaps you are conducting a private sale with a buyer or seller (no agents involved) but still need some support or guidance on the processes and procedures involved. Or maybe you would just like an independent 3rd party representative to assist you on the ground in Dubai?

If this sounds familiar, our Property Conveyancing service may be just what you are after. It will provide the comfort of having someone guide you through everything step-by-step as well as saving both time and cost.

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Years' Established

Your POA are legally qualified and highly experienced to support you throughout the full process of a property transaction in Dubai. We will hold your hand each step of the way and provide expert advice, feedback and support. We’ll make sure you get property conveyancing right in the UAE!

Benefits of Using POA Property Conveyancing Service

  • Property Conveyancers are legally qualified and experienced with specialist knowledge of DLD rules & regulations
  • 100% focused on property transfers – NOT making sales/commissions
  • Simple, impartial advice on the transaction and guidance/support through all of the procedures involved
  • Provide regular updates and feedback at every stage of the process
  • Low implementation costs – cheaper than using lawyers or real estate brokers
  • Fixed price – regardless of how complicated the procedures/transaction
  • Ensures shorter completion times – faster, easier and less-stressful transfers
  • Established track record of success in wide-ranging property related matters

Our Associates

Your Power of Attorney Dubai staff are legally qualified and highly experienced in the Dubai real estate market. We can represent you as Power of Attorney wherever you are based – worldwide!