POA Drafting (incl. Digital Notarisations)

At Your POA, we can assist with a full range of Power of Attorney drafting requirements, covering a wide range of scope and activities. We are also partnered with some of the UAE’s best, licensed and certified, legal translators so we take care of this process as well so you do not have to – and, at better rates than you can obtain yourself directly!

We can assist with both the POA Drafting formalities and also any requirements relating to the subsequent notarisation / legalisation of the Power of Attorney document. Even better news is that we can also execute Power of Attorneys digitally / online via video call, making this process faster, easier and more seamless than ever.

Some examples of the type of special and general Power of Attorneys we can assist with are as set out below.

Our POA drafting services

What we can do for you:

Personal POAs

  • General POAs
  • Property Related (Sales, Purchases, Handovers, Management)
  • Real Estate Disputes
  • Utilities / Telecoms Handling
  • Legal Issues / Appointing Lawyers
  • Inheritance / Family Matters
  • Vehicle Registration / Transfers

Business / Corporate POAs

  • Company Formations
  • Company Liquidations
  • Company Management
  • Corporate Re-structuring
  • Share Transfers

Fully Customizable & Personalised

Since our inception in early 2015, we have always opted to draft our own Power of Attorney documents, rather than using generic templates, which are often dated, badly worded, ill-formatted or too broad in nature (or all of the above!).

We remain fully committed to this approach by providing customisable, tailored POA options based on your specific set of requirements.

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Setting up Your Power of Attorney Dubai is easy!

Step 1 - Preparation

Send your passport and Title Deed copies to us by email. We will prepare your Power of Attorney document, translate it into Arabic and have it with you within 24 hours.

Step 2 - Legalisation

Sign the Power of Attorney in front of a Notary Public and have it legalised wherever you are based. Don’t panic – it’s not as scary as it sounds and we will guide you through everything.

Step 3 - Completion

This is where we take over. We will do the final attestation in Dubai and get moving with all of the legal formalities to finalise your property transaction as quickly and smoothly as possible.

What our POA Drafting Clients Say


Transactions Completed

Whether you wish to issue Power of Attorney to our specialist team to represent you in the UAE, or if you already have someone else in mind whom you wish to appoint as your chosen Power of Attorney representative (eg a family member, friend or colleague), we have you covered!

Digital / Online POA notarisations

Did you know it is now possible to have a Power of Attorney fully notarized and legally issued from the comfort of your own home?

Following the impact of the COVID19 pandemic and with the advancement of digitalization generally, the UAE authorities have made some ground-breaking moves in streamlining the processes and procedures with regards to local notarial services within the UAE.

It is now possible to have Power of Attorneys (and many other types of legal contracts, commercial agreements, declarations, affidavits etc) executed and notarised digitally through the UAE’s “E-Notary” system.  This process is conducted via a short video verification call with the Notary Public and it can be completed in a matter of minutes only.  You will receive your fully notarised Power of Attorney direct to your email address, and this new, digital POA can also be verified via a unique bar-code!

So, no more is there any need to make scheduled trips to the Notary Public in person to stand in queues or be redirected, nor are you required to carry around physical documents anymore.  A big step in the right direction, one that falls in line with the governments’ initiatives for a “paperless” Dubai and of course a real game-changer for the UAE market generally.

Other things to consider

Many of the cases we see at Your POA are time-sensitive.  We appreciate this and we also ensure that things are carried as quickly as possible.  We do however focus not just on speed, but also on security, quality and accuracy.  On this basis, we endeavor to have our POAs drafted and released to you within 24 hours.  This allows us the required time to understand the scope, to customise the POA according to your specific needs and, most importantly, to ensure it is done correctly!

Issuing a Power of Attorney to someone is an important decision and one that needs to be taken seriously, both in terms of the chosen recipient but also the context / scope of the powers being given.  Our specialist team will be happy to work with you to make you feel at ease and, of course, to provide the desired outcome you need, with security and comfort.

Important Tip – always be sure that the person you are assigning as POA has both the experience and capacity to carry out this process for you!  Cheaper is not always better!

At Your POA, we are always available to take your call, to outline any specific requests that you might have and to ensure we understand what is needed – before we take any payment from you. Simply clicking “buy now” on a webpage is not something we feel is in the best interest of our clients.

How can Your POA help me with this process?

In conjunction with our unique POA Drafting services, Your POA can also support you to have your new Power of Attorney document fully notarised digitally.

We can handle everything from A to Z, including drafting your new Power of Attorney document, translating this legally into Arabic and also setting up the appointments and coordinating the local processes and steps for the e-notarisation.

All you will need to do is to simply attend on a very short, scheduled video call to verify your identity and confirm the issuance of the Power of Attorney. It is that easy!

We carry out this process every day, both for clients who are appointing us to act as their chosen Power of Attorney representative, as well as those who wish to assign Power of Attorney to a third party representative.

Some old habits never die! If you feel more comfortable attending the Notary Public physically to carry out the signing and notarising of your Power of Attorney document, or other legal or corporate documents, we can also arrange this. A member of our team will gladly escort you to the Notary personally to guide you through the processes. Digitalisation is of course the future and we will continue to adapt our services to suit this BUT we will still always value and maintain our personalised approach in everything we do!

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Our Associates

Your Power of Attorney Dubai staff are legally qualified and highly experienced in the Dubai real estate market. We can represent you as Power of Attorney wherever you are based – worldwide!